FinTechSpace 金融科技國際座談:AI金融未來式 (Fintech Seminar: AI is the future)
活動日期 / Date: 2024/06/06 09:00  ~  13:30
活動內容 / Event Details:

人工智慧(AI)近年來快速發展,為各產業皆帶來巨大的經濟與社會效益。跨國組織如歐洲議會、G7高峰會和全球標準巨頭英國標準協會(BSI)皆積極提倡AI的發展重要性及監管框架的關鍵影響力。 台灣也依循國際發展趨勢,除了我國行政院於2023年4月核定發布「臺灣AI行動計畫2.0」,目標使讓臺灣成為全球AI新銳之外,金管會更隨後於2023年10月公布「金融業運用人工智慧(AI)之核心原則與相關推動政策」,協助金融機構有框架可循地善用AI科技優勢發展數位金融新服務應用。


Artificial intelligence (AI) has developed rapidly in recent years, bringing huge economic and social benefits to various industries. Multinational organizations such as EU, G7 and BSI have actively promoted the importance of AI development and the key role played by regulatory agencies. Taiwan has also set the AI development as a national mission. In addition to the approval of the 《Taiwan AI Action Plan 2.0》 by the Executive Yuan in April 2023, aiming to make Taiwan a global AI pioneer, the Financial Supervisory Commission also announces the《Core Principles and Policies for AI Applications in the Financial Industry》in October 2023. This initiative assists financial institutions in effectively utilizing AI technology for financial innovation within a structured framework.

To enable the financial industry to explore more international scenarios for utilizing AI in financial services, FinTechSpace presents the "Fintech Seminar: AI is the future", key speakers are invited from Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Japan, the United States, and Singapore to share the future development of AI in finance from regulation and industry practice aspects.

【活動日期 Date
2024/6/6 09:00 - 13:30 (GMT+8)

台北市中正區南海路113 百人空間)辦理。
This event will be conducted physically at FinTechSpace (13F., No.1, Nanhai Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei, Taiwan). 
For international participants, FinTechSpace will provide Webex to join online. 

【邀請對象 Audience

Domestic and overseas regulators, financial institutions, enterprises, start-ups, associations, universities focusing on the fields of fintech and AI technology.

【報名截止日期 Registration Due Date】
The seminar is open for registration till 12:00PM on 5th June .

【活動議程 Agenda
This seminar will be conducted in English with AI translator translating into Mandarin. Organiser remains the right to adjsut agenda.

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FinTechSpace 實體場 (台灣與會者實體參加) 2024/06/06 09:00  ~  13:30
FinTechSpace Webex Online Participation (Limited to International Participants) 2024/06/06 09:00  ~  12:00
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FinTechSpace 實體場 (台灣與會者實體參加) 0 2024/05/14~2024/06/05 120
FinTechSpace Webex Online Participation (Limited to International Participants) 0 2024/05/14~2024/06/05 120
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伍小姐 (Ms. Wu)   +886-2-2397-5193