【Active Object】:2024 DIGI+ Talent Accelerator & Jumpstart Program "Digital Inclusion Practical Intership Project" Briefing Session for Internationl Talents
活動日期 / Date: 2024/04/10 09:00  ~  2024/05/31 18:00
活動內容 / Event Details:

Organizer: Administration for Digital Industries, moda
Implementer: The office of DIGI+Talent Accelerator and Jumpstart Program 

Program Websitehttps://www.digiequality.org.tw 


 Info Sessions

4/19(Fri.)Online Session 

*"Livestream: Teams (Join the meeting immediately.)" 

4/23 (Tue.) Kaohsiung Session
Room501, Administrative Building 5F, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Jiangong Campus
(No. 415, Jiangong Rd, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City, 807) 

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Ms. Lai   emilylai@iii.org.tw   (02)6631-6731
Ms. Chen yuxuanchen@iii.org.tw (02)6631-6758
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2024 International Team Member’s Application Guide.pdf