2023 DIGI x TCA全球數位新星大賞 成果發表|2023 DIGI+ X TCA Global Digital Talent Awards
活動日期 / Date: 2023/11/23 11:00  ~  2023/11/24 17:00
活動內容 / Event Details:

🔥 活動快訊|2023 DIGI+ x TCA全球數位新星大賞 #來參加我們的數位盛宴! 🌟



 DIGI+ x TCA全球數位新星大賞」成果發表將展示年輕世代跨領域的實戰能力,並也提供培訓單位研發成果或服務展示的機會。


📅 活動日期:11/23()~11/24()

🏢 活動地點:三創生活園區12樓展演中心(台北市中正區市民大道三段212)



 15國研習生跨國合作 | 來自14國的研習生與台灣學生共同合作!

 5大數位經濟領域專題 | 涵蓋AI、資料科學、物聯網、數位內容和網路行銷,專業成果豐碩!

 33個專題發表競賽 | 21家實務單位精選專題,點燃創新的火花!

 33攤位成果展示 | 親自體驗交流,深入瞭解團隊成果!


還能參加闖關遊戲,有機會獲得限量禮品! 😍


無論你是對數位領域有濃厚興趣,還是純粹想度過充實的兩天,這個成果展都值得你參加!一同來參與這場數位盛宴,探索未來的可能性,並與我們共同創造更美好的數位世界吧! 🌐



🔥 2023 DIGI+ X TCA Global Digital Talent Awards


The Administration for Digital Industries is dedicated to nurturing the digital talents of tomorrow, and we're eager to connect with a global audience! 🌏

"DIGI+ Talent Accelerator and Jumpstart Program" is not just a training program, it also incorporates industry research and hands-on practical experience. We've united 8 legal entities and 13 corporate partners and focused on 5 key areas: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Smart Network, Smart Content, and Digital Marketing. Our goal is to cultivate a total of 221 Taiwanese students and 53 international students from 14 countries. Moreover, we partnered with foreign institutions to offer training to 14 Taiwanese students and subsequently shared the results as part of the international internship program for Taiwanese talents.

Now, we present to you the 2023 “DIGI+ x TCA Global Digital Talent Awards,” an event showcasing our trainees’ exceptional final presentations, and the event will include activities such as booth exhibition of final projects, project presentation competition, and commendation ceremony for outstanding Training Institutions, and the Awards Ceremony. We excitedly invite everyone interested in interdisciplinary studies or talent cultivation to come join us!🤩 


⏰Time: Nov 23 (Thu) ~ Nov 24 (Fri) 

🏬Venue: Syntrend Creative Park, 12F “Syntrend Show” (12F, No. 2, Section 3, Civic Blvd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City)

️Event Highlights:

Collaborative International Projects by 15 Trainees | Trainees from 14 different countries working hand-in-hand to create marvelous projects together!

5 Interdisciplinary Project Topics | Final projects span the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Smart Networks, Digital Content, and Digital Marketing

33 Groups of Final Project Presentation | From 21 Training Institutions presenting creative and innovative ideas, sparking innovation with their applications

33 Interactive Booths & Presentations | Join us in person to visit all the booths, and talk to each team to get to know about the projects!


You may not only vote for your favorite projects, but you can also play some games and win limited prizes! 😍

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