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AI如何輔助智慧綠運輸? 台美推動經驗分享 AI for Smarter and Greener Transportations and Systems: Experience Sharing from Taiwan and the US
活動日期 / Date: 2022/07/08 09:00  ~  10:00
活動內容 / Event Details:
藉由使用智慧化、低污染的運輸工具,輔以精準的車流預測及路徑規劃,智慧綠運輸可滿足人類安全與舒適的移動需求。近年來,AI已被證實可建構精準、快速且可靠的方法,來輔助運輸及物流產業更有效率地應對產業發展、環境保護及生活型態轉變的影響。本論壇由經濟部工業局主辦,美國華爾街綠色峰會平台 (Wall Street Green Summit)  協辦,分析AI如何輔助智慧綠運輸的關鍵領域並分享成功案例。 

With intelligent and low-polluting vehicles, equipment, and sensors, we can make our transportation sector safer and more convenient. AI has proven to be an accurate, fast, and reliable method to support smarter and greener mobility. For instance, AI enables greater accuracy in traffic forecasting and route planning. Further examples of how AI can solve transportation problems and strengthen the resiliency of future infrastructure will be discussed in this webinar between the US and Taiwan. The sensor technology enables the generation of carbon credits in the California and EU markets.

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AI如何輔助智慧綠運輸? 台美推動經驗分享 2022/07/08 09:00  ~  10:00
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AI如何輔助智慧綠運輸? 台美推動經驗分享 0 2022/06/22~2022/07/08 100
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Anthea Guo   02-2735-6006 #156



財團法人資訊工業策進會 Institute for Information Industry (III)

財團法人中華經濟研究院 Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER)


美國華爾街綠色峰會平台 (Wall Street Green Summit)