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2020 中東商機無限說明會 Infinite Middle East Business Opportunities Webinar
活動日期 / Date: 2020/10/07 14:30  ~  16:00
活動內容 / Event Details:

為傳承與精進中東資通訊 (ICT) 業務推廣經驗,並提供廠商最新國際資訊,資策會將於109年10月07日 (週三) 下午2:30 ~ 4:00舉辦線上「中東商機無限說明會」,邀請約旦數位經濟部 Dr. Al-Adwan處長及卡達TASMU數位谷, 交通運輸暨通訊部 Ms. Al-Kuwari 主管當地專家上線,帶領各位業界先進更深入淺出地了解此次特選中東國家之豐厚商機。

中東地區共約5.78億人口,有ICT領域解決方案的需求以達成國家目標、實施政策並舉辦全球活動 (諸如2022年世界盃足球賽 (FIFA World Cup)),進而促進跨產業、企業轉型、數位化等高科技服務之需求,搭配充裕的油元資金及國家經濟計畫等優勢,誕生臺灣廠商及人才應該把握爭取的難得合作契機。

2014年資策會在科威特國家科學院 (Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, KISR) 的邀請下,正式成立了中東辦公室 (KISR-III Liaison Office),以此作為臺灣推動服務中東海灣及區域國家ICT軟硬體產品服務之外銷平台。 本會誠摯邀請各位貴賓於109年10月07日(星期三) 把握共同開拓中東商機新藍海的先機 

In order to enhance Information Communications and Technology (ICT) business promotion in the Middle East, and provide Taiwanese companies with the latest global information, the Institute for Information Industry (III) will host an online "Infinite Middle East Business Opportunities Webinar" on 7th October, 2020 (Wednesday) at 9:30 a.m. ~ 11:00 a.m. (Middle East GMT+3)/ 2:30 p.m. ~ 4:00 p.m. (Taiwan GMT+8), inviting local experts, Dr. Al-Adwan, Director from Jordan Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, and Ms. Al-Kuwari, TASMU Digital Valley Lead from Qatar Ministry of Transport and Communications to give first-hand briefings on the business environment and opportunities.  

The Middle East region has a population of approximately 578 million people, with underlying ICT needs to meet national goals, implement policies and host global events (e.g., 2022 FIFA World Cup). It may stimulate demand for cross-industry, enterprise transformations, digitalization of high-tech services, coupled with oil based funds and economic state programs which may offer cooperation opportunities for Taiwanese companies to participate in.   
In 2014, in partnership with the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), III established the KILO Office (KISR-III Liaison Office) as a platform for Taiwan to promote the export of ICT hardware and software solutions and services to serve the GCC and regional markets. We sincerely invite all interested guests to join us in this webinar and explore the blue ocean of Middle East business opportunities.

       恭請  蒞臨指導

 Sincerest Regards,

       財團法人資訊工業策進會  Institute for Information Industry
    國際處處長 黃瓊雅 敬邀 Director General, Vivian Huang 


This event will be conducted in webinar format, and we will email the webinar link for registered VIPs.

Disclaimer: All specifications are subject to change as needed for the event without prior notice.

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場次名稱 / Event 日期 / Date 地址 / Address
中東商機無限說明會 2020/10/07 14:30  ~  16:00
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中東商機無限說明會 0 2020/09/03~2020/10/06 150
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Zoe Shen 沈姿含   (02) 6631-8506